Mary Kate is a Goal Getter!

by TrainerMomma on April 7, 2011

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You must meet my favorite fitness fiend from Georgia, Mary Kate.  The girl is on fire!  She is as passionate about fitness as anyone I’ve met. She’s also this week’s Goal Getter!


Mary Kate has #815 on those envy-worthy arms!

What was your goal and why did you set it?
My goal was to complete 3 triathlons in the summer. One to just experience it. Another to try and improve my time. And then another just for fun!

Describe the specific plan you set up to help you reach your goal.
My first step was to sign up before I could come to my senses and realize what I had just signed up for!!

I joined our Rec Dept so I could start swimming. I learned real quick that “slow and steady” wins the race. When I would get frustrated with my pace I remembered that I wasn’t trying to win, just not drown. I tried to swim 2x a week for about 20 minutes;  that is how long I figured would take me to swim the distance of the tri. I just needed to finish the swim alive!

I also started riding with the local bikers to get used to being on a road bike and with a group of riders.

What sacrifices did you have to make to get there?
Mainly my time and energy (but isn’t that for all fitness goals!)! I had to fit in swimming and running after workouts. If I was teaching spin at 5:15am I
could stop at the track on my way home and run 2 miles before getting the kids ready for school. During the summer I would just stop by the pool for a 20 minute swim after class. The most time consuming training was the brick workouts but they were so important.

I believe our families sacrifice a lot for us when we do events like these. I wouldn’t be doing tri’s without my husband’s support and encouragement!

How long did it take you to reach your goal?
I focused my training for about 6 weeks before the first event.

What were the challenges?
Finding time to fit in the longer workouts. Budgeting my money wisely. These events can get pricey!!

What were the rewards?
-I won first place in my first tri!

-I realized I could do way more than I thought. These events are about 75% endurance and 25% mental…but then again on some days they are 75% mental and the rest endurance.

-The ability to encourage others to step out of their comfort zone and try something they think they can’t do. I am not a fitness model. I am short and have big powerful legs. I feel like people can relate to me. If I can do it, so can they!

What’s next?
This year I would like to complete an Olympic distance triathlon. This will require more specific training and more time. Running is my least favorite part so I really need to focus on getting comfortable with this, especially after biking for 1 + hours.

I also have a goal to run a 1/2 marathon. This is something I have thought about for a couple of years and now it is time to make it happen!

Thanks Miss Mary Kate from Georgia!  If you have a “Goal Getter” experience you’d like to share here on Trainer Momma, please email me and we’ll get the ball rolling (it’s pretty painless, I promise) !

I love how we can be inspired from each other’s experiences.  I’m facing a tri of my own in a few weeks and this had got me fired up!

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